Your Soul Portrait—Second Payment

Utterly Certainly God 2012-03

Upon receipt of this payment, you receive:

*** A high quality full-sized, ready-to-use, digital version of your custom painting (jpeg) for digital viewing, e.g., in your blog or as your computer’s desktop picture! I send this to you as an email attachment.

*** A high quality PNG digital version of your painting 100 percent ready to give a printer if you choose to make a print(s) of your portrait. The PNG will produce a quality art print. Today’s excellent home printers and easy access to great paper make a beautiful homemade print possible for many people. You receive the PNG by email.

*** A magical experience that stays with you, in your enchanted heart.


Purchase does not grant the right to 1) change the image (including my signature) or 2) use the image for profit, for example in a commercial logo or greeting cards that will be sold.

Fee for commercial use is an additional $100. I retain all copyright and uses of the portrait. For more info re commercial use, or to purchase exclusive copyright, contact me.

Thank you for allowing me to know your spirit this deeply. You have blessed me.

Receive your enchanted portrait. Scroll down.

Pls give me your phone number.

Bard, Creator of Mysteries 2012-04

3 Responses to Your Soul Portrait—Second Payment

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  2. cindy hunt says:

    Oh francesca , thank you thank you the painting is how I see my secret self, you are totally amazing! I thought about what I could give you and this poem I wrote last year when I was staying I Gualala you might know it tiny town on northern ca coast

    So many stars, I feel small
    Then I remember connection with
    Goddess, tears come to my eyes
    Our Gods power is strong
    The Mystery is always with us
    Beauty is everything
    Beauty is everywhere
    Mother I give my life to you
    I am special in your eyes
    I am worthy Mother
    For I am your reflection
    I am your eyes, your hands, your heart
    I wish to do your will
    I want to live my life in unity with you
    To live in motion with the word
    And the word is you

    Thank you again for the painting

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Cindy. The whole project has been a joy from start to finish. You have been warm, charming, and supportive. And it has been amazing getting to know you by channeling a soul portrait for you, thanks for a great privilege.

      To anyone else reading this, if you saw the painting, which turned into a picture poem, bc I ended up also channeling text for it, you would see a profound relationship between the picture poem and the poem Cindy posted above. Beautiful connectivity!

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