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The Generous Sun

The Generous Sun

Four Simple Steps

1) Below, give me your phone number and use the payment button to make a $62 non-refundable deposit. U.S. residents only.

Pls give me your phone number.

2) Email a digital photograph of your face to outlawbunny@outlawbunny.com

3) In one to three weeks, I email you a tiny digital sample. My high standard = I only send a sample once I believe it is an awesome portrait of you. But I’m happy to discuss revisions.

4) When you approve the sample, you receive a link for final payment of $68.

Want details? Here we go:

I see spirit, so a “flattering” photo or one that portrays your essence is not required. Just one clear photo is all I need to make your enchanted portrait.

But feel free to send two or three photos or, in your email, tell me a magical being, deity, tarot archetype, or image you identity with—eg, faerie, dragon, green man, hedgewitch, mermaid, Isis, Mercury, Fool, Chariot, Morgan Le Fey, pioneer, zombie.

Your total cost—deposit plus final payment—is $130.

You receive:

*** A high quality full-sized, ready-to-use, digital version of your custom painting (jpeg) for digital viewing, e.g., in your blog or as your computer’s desktop picture! I send this to you as an email attachment.

*** A high quality PNG digital version of your painting 100 percent ready to give a printer if you choose to make a print(s) of your portrait. The PNG will produce a quality art print. Today’s excellent home printers and easy access to great paper make a beautiful homemade print possible for many people. You receive the PNG by email.

*** A magical experience that stays with you, in your enchanted heart.

Important stuff:

If you live outside the U.S., or want a second person, pet, or mythical creature in the portrait with you, contact me for options and costs.

Purchase does not grant you the right to 1) change the image (including my signature mark) or 2) use the image for profit, for example in a commercial logo or greeting cards that are made for profit.

Fee for commercial use is an additional $100. I retain all copyright and uses of the portrait. To purchase exclusive copyright is an additional $200 fee.


Do you want a fun easy affirmation of your inner and outer beauty? Purchase a portrait especially for you.

2 Responses to Order Your Spirit Portrait

  1. Mary Louise Wooldridge says:

    Awesome. That’s the easy part. Now, to find the pic…. …

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Cool! Don’t sweat the picture too much. A “flattering” photo or one that portrays your essence is not required. I don’t portray your physical being. I just use the photograph as a jumping off point to discover and meditate on your otherworldly essence. ❤️

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