TeenieCroppedHiya, I like to use my art forms in an integrative manner. Instead of gallery pages, my visual art is imbedded throughout the site, coordinating with it, to express my wholeness lifestyle and camaraderie for yours. So:

* To check out my visual art in recent blogs, click here.

* Some blogs focus on visual art. Key art into this site’s search engine. You can also key in gallery.

* Browse the non-blog pages by clicking links in the nav bar above.

* The above holds true for my other site:

* Here are fantasy portraits.

* My Etsy shop integrates beauty with magical function. Also, the shop’s left-hand column shows the number of sales; click there, because my sold pieces constitute a gallery of OOAK talismanic work.

My primary artform is being an oral tradition shamanic guide. My visual art informs and supports my life as a whole, hopefully making me a better guide.

When I teach shamanic classes and spiritually counsel, we find every last bit of the deep beauty and power hidden within us, and create the highest art of all: an integrated, honest, loving life.

Thank you for visiting.

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