Faerie Nation

The Faerie Queen says, “I have hungered for my children in Their absence.
But you are awake now, your star-lit blood pulsing loud in my ears, and in my own heart.

“So come, my Faerie Children, come to me.

“There are many places in Faerie, each different, all special.
One of them is your home.”


Faerie Nation’s a global tribe of the Fey-touched, the mystic, the spiritual outlaw, & anyone else who wants in. The Faerie Queen calls us home to Her, to each weave our unique magic with Her, & to join together in a new way, a way that people who never join anything can join, in celebration & cooperation. A tribe of Free Fey.

Free Fey = a person who will not be bound by dogma or other limiting restrictions, and who nevertheless realizes the power, fun, & necessity of tribe. A Free Fey might be pagan, Christian, Buddhist, or . . . . or be perfectly fine ‘n’ dandy WITHOUT a tradition.

Social innovators, poets, clowns, & other happily mad folks: You are invited.

Faerie Nation celebrates the lone wolf; we are a PACK of wolves. We are paradox, the split second between boredom and fear: ecstasy. Star-drenched!

Don’t fit my description of possible members? This is a tribe for those who want to join it, period. The merely curious, wildly confused, thoroughly hostile, perfectly cynical, and “I-won’t-join-because-I’ll-never-fit-in” folks have a place with us. Even fundies are welcome. (Though we might put bells on you so you can’t sneak up on the children.)

Be “in” the precise way YOU want. E.g., if you only wanna hang out with us by reading our mag or list-lurking, awesome! No forced activities in OUR tribe!

Faerie Nation

Faerie Nation: The Vision
Faerie Nation Online Community
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A Pic of Our Founder

Faerie Nation Mag

Submission Guidelines for Written Work
Submission Guidelines for Artwork

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