People Like Us, Demons Like Them

Soon-to-Be-Released Fantasy Novel

Book cover titled People Like Us, Demons Like Them, Francesca De Grandis

My fantasy novel will be released soon. Eek! I’m a little scared but am mostly happy, excited, and smiling. This is fun.

Above is the cover’s final version hopefully.

2004 and the few years immediately following were difficult for me. During that time, I wrote this book for sheer escapism, running from my problems to play in a fantasy realm.

The book’s ceremonies, spirits, and other portrayals of otherworldly matters aren’t meant as authentic depictions. This is a work of imagination, written to entertain me. Use a ritual in this book, and your head might explode. For authoritative otherworldly information, see my non-fiction work.

I’m grateful the Muse brought me the book’s characters during one of the hardest periods of my life. I moved on to happy days, partially because working with these characters to create their personalities, motivations, and stories entertained me so much that I did not get utterly lost in my problems.

The manuscript languished on my computer all these years, for a variety of reasons. Now, the book’s characters want to be out in the world. It’s their time. So mote it be!

I’m reading the manuscript again, after years. It’s lovely to visit with these characters once more. Both heroes and villains are like friends to me, I love them all, and they entertain me even now, after all our time apart. I soooo want to introduce them to you.

People Like Us, Demons Like Them will be available only from the author.

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