Whitethorn and Blackthorn Trees Protection Spell

Protect yourself with this quick spell that helps ward off awful people and keep you safe despite society’s wrongs.

If there’s more than one nasty person affecting you, the ritual works well for that, too.

You can also use the spell when no one’s giving you trouble, and you want it to stay that way. For example, you’re about to take a job with a company that has some shady characters in it. Plus society as a whole, though wonderful in some ways, is mean in others. Doing this spell now and then helps keep you safe despite society’s wrongs.

Here are examples of the sort of troublesome people I’m talking about:

* Takers—people who just take take take. Perhaps they drain you by demanding too much at your job. Or they only call you when they need something from you, and disappear when you have a problem you need help with. Or they take credit for your ideas, getting a promotion that should’ve gone to you.

* Fakes who hurt others when they can get away with it. Perhaps, they are smiles and grace until they’re around someone who can’t fight back, and then the mask comes off.

The spell even works for more sophisticated fakes. Let’s say someone pretends to have your beautiful spirit, appropriates your story—and thereby steals the credit you deserve for the hard work you did to overcome challenges—and makes money by seeming to be a good person since they’re pretending to be who you really are. You end up robbed on so many levels.

* Monsters whose cruelty drains you of hope, blocks opportunities, or otherwise heartlessly hurts you.

* Haunters who harry you, by saying nasty things that stick in your mind, or by constantly getting in the way of your success.

Those are some of the many types of mean people the spell protects you from.

Book of Shadows Entry

Here’s a bit I wrote about the spell on August 9, 2019, adapted to give you additional information:

While I was walking through the trees today, this protection spell came to me. I polished its concepts and language as I kept walking. Reciting it, even while I was polishing it, felt powerfully protective.

I’m happy I was able to memorize it, to write it down when I got home. Now I can keep using it, add it to my arsenal of tools that keep me safe from a troublemaker.

I like to have various protection rituals. I used to do a certain bedtime protection ritual regularly, and haven’t done that as often lately. Thinking about that on my walk kicked in this new spell.

I intend to say it on a regular basis, using it a lot during times it feels particularly relevant and just using it now and then at other times. I think I will sometimes use it right before retiring, since it’s quick and easy to do.

Ritual Instructions

To do this spell, simply recite the liturgy. Simple, la!

When reciting it, its power does not depend on you being surrounded by trees.

Part of the liturgy says that serving the black thorn and white thorn trees allows them to protect you. Any service you provide to anyone serves the Greater Whole, and thereby serves all trees.

If you believe your challenges are too great for any simple spell to make a difference, here is a secret of adepts: anything you do to overcome challenges—even if all you can mange is the smallest act—opens a door for the Goddess to improve your life in ways larger than you yourself can. Each small act you manage to perform, whether it is magical or on the mundane plane, opens the door more.

Don’t rely on magic alone to protect you. Also take practical steps to keep yourself safe. Combine magic and common sense.

Lessons Directly from Blackthorn and Whitethorn

The next two paragraphs are not information you need to do this spell but might interest you.

In Traditional Druid Tree Lore, black thorn and white thorn are known as protective. The other concepts this liturgy represents are not traditional but are, instead, information white thorn and black thorn themselves told me.

… Hm, except, I might have read somewhere that whitethorn has a joyful aspect. If so, the information was minimal. You might consider asking whitethorn herself to expand on that information for you, then visit with her to give her a chance to do so. The same goes for any concept in this liturgy: talk with blackthorn and whitethorn to understand and benefit from all the magics this liturgy embodies and implies.

Whitethorn Blackthorn Protection Liturgy

Whitethorn, blackthorn,
Come to me.

Push from me the takers.
Push from me the fakers.
Push from me the haunters.
Push from me the monsters.

Keep from me the takers.
Keep from me the fakers.
Keep from me the haunters.
Keep from me the monsters.

Takers, fakers,
haunters, and monsters
pervert your love,
using it for ill.

I, instead,
serve you well,
which, in turn, lets you
protect me.
Whitethorn, blackthorn,
come to me.
You are joy.
So mote it be!

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