Tips for Sheltering in Place

While sheltering in place, some of my clients and other friends feel bored, isolated, terrified, and more. These resourceful, independent individuals, some of whom are introverts like me, are nevertheless having a rough go of it in their homes. It’s a challenging, and even traumatic, time.

I’m working hard to support my community. I love my tribe and am grateful to be of service. If you don’t know my work: I’m a full-time, grassroots, shamanic guide and healer. And here’s one way I hope to help, on both the practical and spiritual levels:

For almost 20 years, I’ve been shut in because of illness, and happily run a business from home. For 15 years, since moving to a community where I only know a handful of people, I’ve seen someone in person maybe once a week.

These experiences could be useful to draw on.

So I’m doing a free Zoom meeting, live, on Thurs, April 9, noon EST. I’ll be there for a half hour to answer questions.

Whatever your quandary, if I’ve overcome or mitigated that challenge, I’ll share my experience. In 20 years, I’ve met a plethora of stay-at-home problems, on both the physical and spiritual planes, so had to develop a plethora of solutions.

Speaking of which, when I first became crippled, I only had a few years to live. I took action and, almost two decades later, I’m still rocking. But I had to overcome the terror of imminent death. And now I’m statistically at high risk of mortality from C-19. Ask me, if you want the meeting to include ideas on how to move through terror.

I’ll address attendees’ concerns, whether they’re shamanic dilemmas or involve mundane practicalities. Tell me a problem you’re having with: * isolation * working at home * navigating crisis as a person with disabilities * staying spiritually whole * or anything else.

Details for attending the Zoom meeting and sending me your question beforehand will be in my next newsletter, which I’m sending soon, so if you’re not already subscribed, subscribe by Thursday noon:

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