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Update: significant changes were made to Magic Makes the Holidays Better. Here they are:
* New enrollment deadline is this Tuesday, November 26.
* We start a week later than originally planned.
* There will be five storytelling rituals instead of three.
* The event lasts five weeks instead of three.
* So you receive direct spiritual transmissions for five weeks instead of three!
* You receive one email boost a week instead of five.

All these changes have been entered in the event description below:

Magic Makes the Holidays Better:
Ritual, Enchanted Stories,
Pagan Music, and More

Magic makes life better. It’s as simple as that. I’ve spent my life choosing to be drenched in magic because the Old Gods gave us the otherworldly arts to improve our lives.

Enroll in Magic Makes the Holidays Better, to enter a magical holiday realm, a five-week immersion in sacred Mysteries, love, and joy that’ll make the season better.

This enchanted winter realm fosters emotional well-being, abundance, effectiveness for fulfilling responsibilities (responsibilities both to others and to self), physical health, serenity, spiritual vigor, and other blessings.

Drawing on my shamanic skills and creative art backgrounds, I designed five elements—including ritual, stories, and music—to create this realm. I’ll weave these elements together to envelop you in winter magic and the Old Gods’ love.

Here’s more about the five enchanted arts that can create a special holiday season for you:

1) Five half-hour rituals. A half hour once a week fits into a busy schedule. There’ll be one ritual a week, for five consecutive weeks, starting December 1. To attend them live, just dial your phone. These rites are via group-phone-calls.

If you don’t know already: a lot of energy can be shifted in a half hour. Oh, my Goddess!

Each rite includes an original wintertime Faerie tale. It’s not a Faerie tale as most people understand the term. Each Faerie tale I’ll tell is a magical spell—these tales are truly enchanted. Written for grown-ups, they nonetheless have a childlike fancy that spins magic.

Just snuggle down, listen to my tale, and go along with the mood of the story. Easy! I do the work for you, drawing on my understanding of magic and my bardic abilities to spin stories that enchant us. All you have to do is listen, and the tales’ words weave blessings, bestowing them on you and your life. These blessing include the benefits mentioned above—e.g., peace and prosperity—and more.

Each meeting can be your guilty pleasure–let me take care of you—to lessen stress and feelings of being overwhelmed, so you can be more relaxed, confident, and gracious in the week ahead.

2) Inspirational missives that nurture, calm, and enchant. These once-a-week emails are part of how I’ll maintain a sacred embrace that surrounds you with good fortune regarding your dearest goals and otherwise supports you throughout the season. Each message is brief, so you can read quickly and then go about your day, better off for it.

When the five weeks ends, the goodness continues. Such an immersive experience of yummy energy can shift our cells and our circumstances, as well as create a magical momentum that helps maintain that shift and further it. This is big.

3) Direct spiritual transmissions. They’re easy to receive. You don’t have to meditate or do anything else. Go about your day, while I do the magic for you!

I can’t say how anyone else defines a direct spiritual transmission. Here’s what it means for me:

My transmissions invoke the Old Gods’ love, helping it encompass you. Their generous, compassionate love is the essence of magic, so adapts to foster what you need, whether that’s healing of Seasonal Affective Disorder, other physical healing, emotional healing, serenity, abundance, power, safety, something else, or several things. If your needs keep changing, the transmissions address them. The transmissions also add a boost to anything positive you do.

You receive a transmission four days a week for five weeks, plus a transmission during the group meetings. That’s five a week for five weeks!

4) Recordings of original Pagan holiday music. Download three different songs. I had a bestselling music album. I tell you that so you know I have a strong musical background, which I drew on to write the three holiday pieces.

I expect to have great fun recording them. They’ll be recorded specially for this event, and will definitely embody kitchen magic and homespun art: though I’ll probably need to do several takes of each song, keeping at it until I create a recording worthy of sending to you, the final recordings will be completely unedited; I’m using lo-fi equipment and possibly recording in my actual kitchen. It’ll be as if you and I are visiting at my hearth.

As part of how I’ll facilitate an immersion in winter magic, the songs help us remain moving to the music of cosmos and connected to love from the Old Gods.

5) One-on-one support by phone. I’m available, should you want to privately discuss concerns that come up for you regarding the event.

The transmissions, music, inspirational emails, and group rites with their Faerie tales—plus one-on-one talk by phone, if you need that—all touch people in different ways, making a multifaceted immersion in magic.

Embraced by enchantment, you’re more able to find power, nurture, and joy, no matter what challenges your day brings. Also, the magics I spin—not only the transmissions but all of this event’s elements—meet you where you are, adapting to your needs, e.g., if you want major transformation, in and around you. This immersion can create a lot of positive changes for you.

No experience needed. But even advanced practitioners should find this journey well worth their time.

We’ll meet to do ritual on Sundays, 3:00 to 3:30 pm EST, for five consecutive weeks, starting December 1. In the unlikely event that unexpected circumstances make me unavailable for one of our meetings, please reserve January 5, same time, for a makeup meeting. In the same vein, if I can’t send some of the recordings or support emails as scheduled, you’ll receive them the week after the event.

Full cost: $250. That includes five ceremonies, five weeks of spiritual transmissions, five inspirational emails, recordings of three Pagan songs, and the option of one-on-one support by phone. Your carrier might charge you for phone calls into the ceremonies. Pay securely with PayPal:

Upon payment, your place is reserved. You receive event details—e.g., the phone number to dial to participate in the meetings—by email. No refunds. To discuss a payment plan, trade, scholarship, or semi-scholarship, or if you have other concerns about the event, do phone me.

Are you wondering how you can manage the holidays, let alone enjoy them? This down-to-earth Fey-touched program is tailored to you.

And it is not overwhelming. This won’t be one more frenetic item added to your holiday schedule. You’ll enjoy gentleness and peace, coupled with carefully-crafted support.

A goodly number of individuals who experienced an immersion I created called the results miraculous.

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