AutoCorrect Consistently Turns Witch into Which

AutoCorrect Consistently Turns Witch into Which
Though I’ve Been Correcting That for Years

I am sick of autocorrect, in my voice recognition software,
not having figured out, after months and months,
that when I say “wood,” I don’t mean “word.”
Are the autocorrect authors
so estranged from love and life
that they assume “wood” is instead the abstract—the word,
“God said the word, and the word was made flesh”?

We were not born from word,
some vague and distant deity, an absent parent,
forming us in his image; the Bible and AutoCorrect insist
I’m an impalpable, insubstantial quasi-being.
I will not reject myself. I am flesh,
not flesh from word but from flesh,
born on the Tree of Life—the Great Mother, Magna Mater, Creator of all things.
The cosmos is the manifest body of the Mother:
She not only created all things but is all things.
The Tree of Life is incarnate.
I am fruit, leaf, tree, wood.
I am the Tree of Life.
I am, dammit, I am am am not a word!

Voice recognition also does not recognize womb.
No surprise, since oppressors don’t either.

I have a womb. I am not made of your words.

I am not made of your words.
I was made in a womb—my mom made me.
After she birthed me, she continued to shape me: then
I was created by her love and her joy and her lyric laughter,
her sacrifices and her intelligence.

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2 Responses to AutoCorrect Consistently Turns Witch into Which

  1. Barbara says:

    Dear Francesca,

    This is powerful. My sister brought to my attention the wording ‘underage women’. This is an excellent example of journalist unwilling to call a situation for what it is: not underage women being sexually abused, but CHILDREN being sexually abused. Thank you Francesca for your unflinching devotion to truth and freedom. This has also alerted me to a deeper understanding of the words recognized and not recognized for correction on the computer.

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Barbara, not only is your feedback powerfully supportive but its informative specifics show me I’m going in the right direction with my writing. Thank you thank you!

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