Wet Felted Shetland Vessel


Wet Felted Shetland Vessel
Wool: One of Nature’s Simple Magics

Wool roving has enchantments in it, being close to nature still. I feel the magical blessings the vessel holds.

I made this vessel for my altar, using my friend Jenn’s gorgeous undyed Shetland roving.

I bought it at a really great price. If you want some, go to her Yum Queen Facebook page and message her for info: https://www.facebook.com/theyumqueen/

Undyed roving has so much character that a simple felted project will be gorgeous.

I accented the vessel with natural white Lincoln locks. I’m finding a bit of curly locks added to vessels that are made from undyed fiber can make all the difference in making a vessel look wonderful.

Lincoln locks were perfect because they have the same matt quality (aka not shiny) as the Shetland. It was a real match, so they suited each other perfectly, giving an overall raw, earthy look.

For example, had I used white mohair locks, which are very shiny, I wouldn’t have liked it. Mind you, it’s a matter of taste as well as the look I want for a given project. On another vessel, I might enjoy the contrast between matt and shiny surfaces.

Or I might not need any accent at all. A simple hat I made from nothing but Jenn’s exact same Shetland roving is a perfectly adorable Faerie chapeau. Yup, every project is different.

Nature has such a variety of magical beauty to inspire us, delight us, and infuse us with Spirit.


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4 Responses to Wet Felted Shetland Vessel

  1. Kathy Crabbe says:

    so magickal! a little faerie hat <3

  2. Jenn says:

    Lovely! I am so glad you are enjoying the wool. Thank you for sharing your project using it – it is beautiful!

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Thank YOU for checking out the post. I know you wanted to see everything I made from yr wool, so I’ll get photographs of the other projects to you ASAP. Love you.

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