Your Throne

Have you rejected parts of yourself? E.g., child, Goddess, God, fattie, loser, quitter, matriarch, whiner, sissy, artist, sorceress? Place those parts of you on the throne. Bow down before them.


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6 Responses to Your Throne

  1. Ras Alhague says:

    This ritual was very important for me. Thanks for publishing it.

    I worked with a personalized projection of my Golden Shadow, so I added an extra step to the ritual where I merge with it. I sit on a chair, and the Shadow sits down in the same place where I am.

    Now it is harder for me to question my traits that I had projected onto a Golden Shadow.

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      You’re very welcome, I’m so glad it helped you. Thank you for letting me know.

      As far as your use of it, yes, that is exactly what I had in mind as I was channeling this ritual. You understand perfectly.

      In other words, the step you added isn’t an extra step. It happens automatically if you just sit in the chair. I knew some people would add that step on the cognitive level, because that’s what will work for them. But the step need not happen on a cognitive level for the ritual to work. It depends on the needs of the person doing the ritual.

      Part of what’s happening here is that i often teach experientially and by implication: I don’t necessarily spell out all the underpinnings and theories, because I believe people are insightful. I also believe that if I explain everything on the cognitive level, it robs you of the dignity to get where I’m leading you on your own, as well as stops the spell from working on a gut level. But when you add the step I implied yourself, you’ve claimed it more than if I’d spelled it out.

      Another thing that’s happening here is that I have a more complex version of this ritual that I teach in oral tradition. In that elaborate version, we get more into the sort of stuff you’re talking about. Then, because we have that as a foundation, I can give my students a lot of related lessons experientially and through implication, so that we hit yet another level.

      You and I are very much on the same page, cool!

  2. Adam says:

    How timely, I love this. And the art too!

  3. I have very much needed this lately. So blessed to have found you. Keep shining on!

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