Faerie Taoism

2016 Update: The following piece is in my newly released Book of Shadows. Most of the Book of Shadows entries have never been published until now! I also included a few previously-published favorites, like the one in this blog. For more information about the Book of Shadows: http://stardrenched.com/2016/10/01/book-of-shadows/


Faerie Taoism


If you can’t see the above graphics, here is their text:

Faerie Taoism

We’re born magic.
Born stardust.
Born touching

Be magic.
Be Stardust.
Touch Divinity.

It is effortless,
it is who you are.

It is effortless;
allow yourself to be
who you are.

It is effortless.
It is who you are.


A Faerie Book of Shadows, available only from the author. Click here for information: http://stardrenched.com/2016/10/01/book-of-shadows/

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2 Responses to Faerie Taoism

  1. Chelo says:

    Love faery, love the tao…love who I ammmmm

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