Only If …


I want people to get presents
only if they believe in Santa Claus.

Keep Santa in Christmas.


(I could not resist, I just could not resist.)

On a more serious note, I had to make that joke. I am feeling a little paranoid that someone will get mad at me, but it is such a straw man to insist on Christmas remaining Christian when it was originally Yule and, worse, constitutes unkind lies about our holy day, that I had to take the high road and make a joke instead of getting resentful.

Happy holy days, whatever your religion!

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Updated November 2023

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4 Responses to Only If …

  1. Kathy Crabbe says:

    LOVE IT! Btw, I have lots of dreams that you are in too – i need to write them down! Hugs, K.

  2. Francesca De Grandis says:

    Hi, Kriss, thank you for sharing your dream. It sounds so happy, deep, and beautiful. And, yes, do not worry, I do understand that a dream like this is real. I am sure that, in some way, we did visit. Thank you for your kind words: I am honored that you used a ritual I channeled, and that you like my teaching. My French is excruciatingly bad, lol, but De Grandis is actually the Italian bastardization of a French name. I suspect your dream tuned into my magical family heritage from way back. Seems like the dream affirmed your progress as a witch! Santa says hi and wishes you merry Xmas. As do I.

  3. Kriss says:

    Hello Francesca

    I had a wonderfull dream last night. I was wondering these last few weeks about my progress as a witch and I was full of doubts in the work I make. Yesterday morning I made the ”Kissing a Star ” ritual to clear my mind and my path. Last night I dreamed of you. You were using my voice as a kind of a background for one of your music album ( da???). This made my mother very proud of me ( ok, I’m a 56 years old orphan man… 🙂 ). But what I like in this dream was the reality of what I saw and felt: your presence was very alive and clear ( you know this kind of dream more real than reality…? ) We were several people and a child in your house and the feeling was very joyfull and pleasant. ( not to tell you that you speak an excellent french… LOL! ) Anyway, thanks for Third Road and your teaching and have a wonderfull Christmas.

    PS. Of course I believe in Santa.

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