Not Fractal Art #2

imageNot Fractal Art #2
See Fractal Art #1 and subsequent blogs for more info about the series, which I am posting as I get the chance.

The piece above is part of a small series called Not Fractal Art. I was surprised bc, thru nothing I consciously did, it looks like a kachina.

In other words, I was trying to create a winged figure of myself I had seen in a trance, which did not look like a kachina. As i created this painting, I did one thing then another then another, on and on, and it still did not look like a kachina. Then I did one more thing and, blam, a kachina came to visit.

I do not know who this is, in terms of any lore I have read, but it is me, and it is also a kachina of pollen and greenery. Not a bee kachina, I think. Closer to a Green Man. I am so glad to meet it and this aspect of me. I want to dance with it soon.

If this spirit is speaking to you, please share what it is saying with me. I am not so presumptuous as to think I am in this Faerie journey alone, and we all need fellow travelers.

imageTo the right is my drawing from which the series is being produced. In other word, each painting is mostly a composite of this drawing.


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