To entrepreneurs

To entrepreneurs whose high standards have been met with unkindness,

Francesca De Grandis

Francesca De Grandis

As a shamanic counselor and teacher, I mentor a lot of entrepreneurs. Whether in the arts or corporate industry, most of them constantly experience people who suspect excellence. Their suspicion keeps them from drawing on the wonderful services these entrepreneurs offer. Worse, it causes them to respond to ethical entrepreneurs with hurtful cynicism and outright attacks. It is a problem I encounter myself.

I recently joked, “I should promote my services as mediocre, I’d get a lot more business.” If I offered to teach a handful of shamanic skills that people could get out of any book, some folks’d be more likely to register for classes than if I tell the truth: I teach innovative life-changing shamanic tools.

My clients tell me things like, “You saved my life.” But testimonies or anything else will not change the minds of people who, were I to hand them the holy Grail, free of charge, they’d think they were looking at poison.

The specific people I’m referring to have the worldview that no entrepreneur works their fingers off to achieve quality. With that as a reference point, there is no way to see my ever-ready availability to serve them, my amazing shamanic skill set, my caring, honesty, and passion for life. Their reference point necessitates misinterpreting these aspects of me as pushiness, arrogance, sales hype, and greed.

I’m not criticizing them, they’re clearly crushed in spirit. It’s become hard for them to trust anyone, because the world is full of people who are, in fact, selfish and greedy.

I wish I could help people overcome the kind of cynicism I am describing but, paradoxically, they would have to trust me enough to ask for help. Til then, there is nothing I can do but walk away. They are so far gone that if I said “blue,” they’d hear “green,” and go tell everybody I said a terrible hurtful thing!

So I write this specific blog entry in support of ethical entrepreneurs who’ve experienced the same thing I have, so that you know you are not alone.

Here is a thought: Remember there are people who do understand you. They too strive for excellence, they too are devoted to service. They need you. Keep putting yourself out there, don’t let other people’s wounds stop you from earning a living doing what you love, with love in your heart.

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4 Responses to To entrepreneurs

  1. A graceful offering indeed Faery One. Kiaora and blessings from Aotearoa…

  2. Chase says:

    I so love this offering. Whenever I hear someone talk about wealth redistribution in a violent semi communistic way, I am always struck by their distinct disconnection to their gifts and their worth.

    As a fellow entrepreneur who strives to offer the best version of my offerings I sometimes struggle to remember that I am offering these goods and services to prosperous people because sometimes people are so convinced otherwise!

    Excited for this offering! X

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