My Wish for You on Christmas and All Days

My Wish for You on Christmas and All Days
A happy Christmas day to all. Whether you celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday, as a social holiday, or not at all, may the day be “merry and bright.” Whether you spend it with loved ones, alone, or with strangers, may the fellowship of humankind warm your spirit. May you feel the immense love the Divine has for you, feel it enfold you. May your joy, today and all days, be deep and real. May you know the jubilation of serving others. That is my wish for you today and for all your days, Francesca De Grandis
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  1. thomas byrnes / Chicot le Fou says:

    That is so ( typically ) well written ,I sent it to all my friends telling them I couldn’t say that nearly as well . I got quite a surprise and a humble but delighted laugh today . First , thank you for the 2 copies of the book & the lovely talisman . A little while ago , I read the preface and your intro , decided to wait till Jan. 1st to daily read the affirmations ( I’ve never needed them more ) then skipped ahead to the Add’l. Resources and ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS . I can’t express how shocked , humbled and , truthfully , delighted I was to see my beloved alter ego listed ! I laughed out loud ; something I haven’t done in quite a while . Since you put it there , I’m grateful that you used ” Chicot le Fou ( Renaissance French street patois , literally meaning ” stumpy leg the fool ” but in practice ” the lame fool ” which I certainly am ) so no one but you and I will ever know who it is . That’s as it should be . Thank you and WELCOME YULE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chicot

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