Sacrifice, Not Self-Hate

Christ asked that each of us make sacrifices to serve others, not that we crucify ourselves on a cross of self-hate. When loathing yourself—for example, insisting that your actions are never good enough—you are self-involved. Your pain may be so immense and deeply rooted in abuse from others that you do not see self-hate as self-involvement. I am not trying to make you feel even worse about yourself; healing the agony of self-hate can require years of work and many different tools; have compassion for yourself about your suffering and how difficult it might be to overcome. And one of the many solutions needed for moving past self-hate is to reach past self-involvement—reach past yourself, outside yourself—to serve others. This will not take the place of other methods that you yourself need to see your own beauty—e.g., finding your self-hate’s origin. But no method replaces reaching out past self to serve. And, ultimately, your healing may never be complete without self-sacrifice. This solution tends to make no sense, especially to someone who has made unhealthy sacrifices in the name of service. Unhealthy sacrifice is self-involvement. Reach.
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  1. thomas byrnes / Chicot le Fou says:

    OUCH ! But something I needed to read . My self loathing is at it’s all time high ; I hate myself for being alive . Thank you , Bunnykins.

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