I Love DIY So Much (DIY Religion?)

I love DIY so much. For me, it is not just about arts n crafts, I do and teach DIY religion. (Okay, now that I’ve said that, you know some sleazy publisher or author is gonna steal the line, and there’ll be a book called “DIY Spirituality” within a few months. And it will be the same ol’ quickly written junk, argh. Okay, end of tirade.) Anyway, I love DIY, so I wish I had time to blog about all the stuff I do, bc I love sharing the journey, but, heh, then I would not have time to do it, LOL. Good grief, I was only going to post pics of the wreaths I just finished. But got off on a tangent re DIY. (Can you tell i am a bit manic? Was trying to do a quick post, nothing about religion or sleaze, just two pics and a few sentences about them, but I got overrun by my own brain! To quote Buffy, “You have too many thoughts!” Someone should tell me that!) Now to my originally intended post:

I harvested grape vine from my yard a few months back, and made 5 wreaths and 5 swags. I also dried hot peppers. This weekend, i made tiny wreaths with some of them. (Note how tiny by comparing to penny.) I feel so good to have done this. For one thing, it helps my   homesickness for California, where hot pepper wreaths are common. If it is useful info for ya, i used a glue gun to attach the peppers, and used thin wire to hold the wreaths themselves together. I have two more wreaths and four swags left to ornament. Happy DIY to ya!

Beloved Fellow Seeker, Thank you for your spiritual journey, because I can’t grow spiritually alone.

I wrote a book, out of gratitude for you and love for you: “Sprinkling Faerie Dust on Breakfast: A Daily Reader for Busy Parents and Their Children . . . and for Any Way-Busy Person.”

Spiritual reading that fits into your day and supports travelers of any spiritual path.

Only available from the author. Buy it here: http://etsy.me/W5GJs4 Thank you again!

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