Update Re Fundraiser

Hiya, Only raised $200 so far, but I feel so connected to the folks who donated.

 I will self-publish the book whether I raise enough money or not.

I don’t know how many more books I can publish this lifetime. So if I don’t raise enough $, I’ll borrow it to create the best possible book. E.g., instead of letting funds limit the project in any crucial way, I am going to use the page ornamentations I painted.

I complained to a friend about how challenging this fundraising is. I told her that many people think, “Why should I contribute money when the author will make a bundle?” Fact is, an author is lucky to break even on a book. Actually lucky! Movies depict a fictitious publishing world. For example, a new author receives a $25,000 advance? Wrong! Nowadays, advances are about $2,000, with exceptions like Stephen King or being hired by a corporation to write its history. What’s happening to the economy has impacted every business.

I hope for a profit but it will probably be small, if I even break even. Beverly Macy, executive producer of Gravity Summit TV, said, “Crowd funding is important for innovation, disruption, and causes.”

About the Project:

There will be a limited 1st edition printing, each copy numbered. It will be 50-300 copies, depending on how much money I raise. (I don’t know if I’ll manage a second printing.)

My hope and vision is an unusual format: a wee saddle-stitched (center-stapled) spiritual text with old-fashioned black and white ornamentations—which I have already painted—throughout its pages.

The goal is $1200-2600, for printing and other publishing costs, raised within the next few weeks. I planned to stop fundraising by now but rewrites are, of course, taking longer than expected, then comes layout, so I have a few more weeks to raise money.

Finances aside, I want you to be a part of this because money is a form of community support and trust. Writing from the heart and self-publishing—instead of kowtowing to corporate media—are hard and scary; donations mean I am not alone in this. I need my community.

When fundraising ends, I’ll contact donors about whether they choose to be mentioned on the acknowledgement page.

Fellow mystic travelers, please support a book that supports the wild heart:

Donate $50. You reserve a numbered copy of this limited first edition printing. Go to www.paypal.com: Use outlawbunny@outlawbunny.com as the Recipients Email.




Donate $100 to reserve two numbered copies of this limited first edition. Plus, I’ll make a talisman channeled especially for you. Go to www.paypal.com: Use outlawbunny@outlawbunny.com as the Recipients Email.



Donate $250 for two early-numbered copies of this limited first edition. Plus a talisman channeled especially for you. I will also paint a digital fantasy portrait of you, or a pet, or a friend, suitable for online viewing as well as for sending to a printer if you want a hard copy. Go to www.paypal.com: Use outlawbunny@outlawbunny.com as the Recipients Email.

Donate $500. Receive two numbered copies, starting with #1, first come first serve. Plus an amulet, digital fantasy portrait, and a copy of The Ecstatic Goddess with a painted cover. Only ten copies of The Ecstatic Goddess—a self-published limited first edition—are still available. The book has a black and white cover, but I painted the cover of four copies. Two books with painted covers are available. This page will say when two people have donated $500, AKA the painted cover option is no longer available. Go to www.paypal.com: Use outlawbunny@outlawbunny.com as the Recipients Email.

Thank you for your support, because I cannot serve my community without my community’s support, Francesca De Grandis

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