Cluck ‘Ol Hen & June Apple, Mandolin, Vocal, Guitar

I love music in my living room!

Same day as last blog, me on mando, my bud on rhythm guitar, starting out on Cluck ‘Ol Hen then switching to June Apple. Taking a few minutes to kick back mid busyness!

Ignore the writer’s paper mess, eek.

Bud is playing rhythm only but, at least on my player, you can’t tell that I’m playing all the instrumental, b/c my player keeps freezing. Can you tell on yours? (We made this on my Ipod touch.)

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2 Responses to Cluck ‘Ol Hen & June Apple, Mandolin, Vocal, Guitar

  1. Watching these make me miss my dulcimer group. And make me want to get my mandolin out and actually learn to play it more than just plucking a few notes. Thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed both of them.

    I actually could only really hear the mandolin. The guitar mixed in enough that I didn’t notice it.

    ~Muninn’s Kiss

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