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Hi, some of my friends gave me arts ‘n’ crafts supplies for my birthday, Yule, or other reasons. Today’s blog is a way to say thank you again, by showing you how I used your gift. Whether you gave me supplies or not, I want to share this with you, just for the fun. I hope you enjoy it!

Pants:Wearable Art by Francesca De GrandisM gave me a gift certificate for Dharma Trading Company. I bought plain white pants. This is what I did with them.

Pants Detail:Wearable Art by Francesca De Grandis

K sent me fabulous beads, and W mailed me earring findings, plus all sorts of really cool filigree beads and bead caps. The pic is of single earrings, b/c I rarely wear pairs.

Hand painting by Francesca De Grandis

Ju gave me vintage doilies that I hand painted.

  I go through rags fast, because of all my dying and painting. So my friend Jo gave me a bag of clothes his boss was throwing out. Jo’s always showing up with what I need! I rescued a mint-condition men’s ???-X T-shirt from the rag bag. Am proud of my idea: Cut T off right below the arms to make a kilted skirt. I kilted it instead of gathering it, so that all the stenciled part (it’s my original foliate face design, which I made a stencil of by hand) can be seen – – it lies flat over one thigh.

Hand painted Wearable Art by Francesa De GrandisI also rescued a brand new black Tshirt from the bag. I painted it for my friend D, who’s going thru hard times.

I am so grateful for my friends.

More of my latest artwork:

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  1. Hope says:

    I LOVE your creativity! It inspires me to see what is in my fabric stash and see what I can come up with. Now to get off of my butt and actually do it;)

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