What Do Elves Do on Their Day Off?

Feb 7, 2011 update on contest below: It was hard to choose a winner. Thank you to everyone for creating a fun time with your posts, which rocked, all were beautiful and heartfelt! I especially thank Jenn AKA The Leftover Queen for kicking things off by being the first entry, and confettijulie for, um, pushing the, um, envelop <blush>. And now, the winner is <drum roll> ROMMY!

I’ll leave the contest below up, b/c it has fun stuff. Stay tuned to my blog: Another contest coming soon. Wheee!


I’m having a contest! It’s easy to enter:

* Elves are so industrious that they may not know what 2 do with themselves when not working!

* Help them out! Use the “Leave a Reply” box at the end of this page to answer my question: What do elves do on their day off?

* Be as brief or as long as you want. Tell me one elven leisure activity or many.

* Make as many entries as you want, if you have new ideas!

* Contest ends Feb 2, 2011.

The best answer wins:

* A Bardic Alchemy CD

* A Pick the Apple from the Tree CD 

* A cool button I made that declares you “Faerie Bard

* A cool fridg magnet I made. It has glitter and diaphanous cloth in it. Under them, these words peek: “Fairies are subtle. But watch closely for them: they’ll show you the road to your heart’s desire. Francesca De Grandis

I made the magnet and button years ago, and really want to give them to someone. b/c I think they rock. But I’m freakishly honest, so I want u 2 know: Their plastic covering is a bit battered.

That’s all the info about entering the contest! But read on for fun! (When I told a friend about asking people what elves do on their day off, she responded, “Elves day off? Hmm. Do they have sex?”)

The contest goes into February: Elves are not just a Holiday topic, no more than joy, wonder, or hope are. And elves stay busy all year, whether they’re Santa’s elves or other elven artisans. They always need ideas on things to do on their breaks!

Below are things this elf – – bunny elf moi – – did on a recent day off.

I put up my Yule tree, aka, altar to Santa. (See Santa Is in My Pantheon.) Yes, I  beaded a slew of miniature ornaments for my tiny tree. I am crazy.


I found Yule decor to put on this beautiful lampshade.


I put up a Yule silk painting I made for ME. It’s the only one like it! I am WAAAY into crafting OOAK goodies that are just right for me, and just right for my unique Etsy shoppers.Yule Painting by FDG

Then I said my prayers. (It’s important every day.) You can use your Yule Stocking to pray to Santa, any time of year. Yule stockings are magic: Just write down your prayer and put it in. Then believe in Santa! Or make a wish, then gently blow into the stocking. Then believe in Santa!

Here’s my kitty getting ready to make her prayer. All it takes for cats to get their wish is to simply stick their kitty-magic-head in the stocking. Oops, wrong pic. Cats are special: They get to wish right into Santa’s hat.

My gods walk on the earth. They hang out with me on my day off. But Santa had to run off before I could snap his picture. He’s always soo busy: That’s why there are so few photos of him.

I didn’t get to tell him what I want for Yule. But after he left, I wrote a letter to Santa instead.

Then my elf friend, Twinkles, dropped by. He clearly knows something I don’t about Santa’s present to me, but Twinkles wouldn’t tell me. But you can tell it will be a great present: Look at Twinkles’s face! (Click on his pic and u can see his expression!)

Elves’ days off is a topic long dear to me, so I’ll blog more about it soon. LOVE you, FDG

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29 Responses to What Do Elves Do on Their Day Off?

  1. Lisa says:

    I know this is over but I still wanted to fun because it ignited a spark of magic in me after seeing what you did (wish stockings!) and thinking about what is the life of an Elf outside of being an elf….I know what the Elven Lifestyle is…here we go.

    Firstly, when Elves have the day off (which can be rare…so sometimes they sneak in Elf S.O.S. Santa

    Elves love to binge watch on Netflix with the snacks to match (we’ll get to that in minute…yes they love candy, gourmet cheese and fruit platters along with troves of other goodies including home-made trail mix)…and yes it sounds cliche but their favorite movies to indulge in are “Elf” alongside “A Nightmare Before Christmas…” and a little bit of “Rocky”…..Elves are knock outs at gifting so they appreciate a good fight story. Elves fight with magical persistence.

    Another thing is…they actually can’t stand building or putting up shelves…partially because it rhymes with their names and also because they prefer to sit on them not have to make them too. They leave that up the nice humans to do for them….a little tip of the pointed hat unto them as a gesture of thanks.

    Elves also love to do cook offs and yes they enjoy hot chocolate…A LOT. There are some things you cannot remove what is already in an elf.

    They enjoy their naps and zzzzz especially when they are cozily bundled up preferably with a warm beverage nestled to warm up their hands.

    Elves…living it up!

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Lisa, You did a luscious fun entry totally in the spirit of the contest! Thank you so much. I absolutely love that you are making a post here five years after the contest. It is truly in the spirit of the contest that you would do that even if the prizes have already been given out. It shows what an elf you are!

  2. eric says:

    I like it because it told me some about elf’s

  3. Erica says:

    Do you know what a ELF ON THE SHELF is?Because i have one.

    information about the elf on the shelf!!!!!!!
    there smaller
    there scout elves they dont make toys they come on thanksgiving and watch you for santa. They leave our house on chrismas eve and go with santa. the watch all day to see if your good or bad. they cant talk to you. when your not looking the fly to a diffrent place you have to find him. but NEVER touch them. buy one at a store or he could just come to your house on his own with a book. actully you can touch him i used to nothing happens,and he comes back evrey year. By hope consider getting one

  4. Bill says:

    Elves eat cookies and sweets in their day off, oh wait they never have a day off 😀

  5. An oldish elfish One says:

    Once upon a Time, there was an old elf. It was an old Time he sat upon too, one that moved so slowly that the folks all around had entirely mistaken her for a Hill.

    Younger elves had been been effecting the tiny moves for years now, bustling about underneath, tending her soft Time’s belly, building the blockings and bracings and armor, the tumbles and the revel rooms. At a signal or maybe not at a signal, they would all suddenly hop and push, poke or lurch, wiggle and heave, all in one direction, their OWN direction (which meant to all appearances hundreds of different directions), and Time would rise infinitesimally and move.

    So she swept, at her graceful speed, across the face of the Deep, and the old elf grew older and the human people grew complacant and the young elves played. But every human lifetime or so, Time wished to make a big move. For this she needed something else. She needed coordination below. She needed the old elf. She needed the old elf off.

    She sent the thought, and it lodged in his belly, lit itself a fuse, spiraled and twined higher, growing red as it climbed, rewriting itself from cell to cell, until it emerged in his mind and he thought, “So meaning is a moment, and a transition from absurdity to absurdity, and absurdity only a moment, and a transition from meaning to meaning.”

    The old elf stared out at the day. Time stood still. Quietly he exhaled, directing his breath gently up.

    The twinkle began at the corner of his mouth, raced through his wizened cheeks, giggled around his eyes, lept. Holding out his hand to a flash of joyful air, he pulled himself up into his Day. And got off.

    • francesca says:

      How nice of u to post, even after the contest is over. CooL! And your post is awesome!!!!! Wow! I hope a lot of people get to see it!

  6. NINA says:



  7. Sirewen says:

    This Elf took a day off today and this is what she did. First, she meditated and communed with her family. Second, she colored with her elven daughter for hours turning princesses into undines and elves and horses into unicorns. Then we baked organic apple cinnamon oatmeal cookies and ate many of them (we elves love sugar and cinnamon…). I finished the day playing with the dogs outside and sneaking organic carrots into the secret bunny burrows under the snow covered mock orange bush in my backyard. Oh, and I took a nap… It was a bright and blessed day!
    Blessed be!

  8. Rommy says:

    LOL, the best part about writing it was visualizing the skating contest costumes. A gumdrop dress (instead of a meat dress) of course for a Lady Gaga number!

  9. Rommy says:

    A lone elf steps up to the makeshift podium composed of lego blocks and dixie cups. There are some giggles as he holds out his hand filled with dryer lint. He places it right on top of the ramshackle affair, blows on it and it starts to glow. Amid the “oohs” and “aahs” from his fellow elves a 31 kazoo salute sounds.

    The Odd-Sock Olympics have begun!

    It is rather rare that enough elves have a day off altogether. But when they do (and when at least a few of them have an impressive collection of odd socks – Christmas stockings don’t count) the Olympics come to town.

    First event is the odd sock balloon race. The elves assemble on the starting line and off they go. In teams of 3 they take turns blowing up the sock, keeping it aloft. This is incredibly difficult as teamates laugh and point at the silly faces made by the one who’s turn it is to blow. Also it doesn’t take too much time before the naughty puns come trotting out. Elves have been known to replace sensible anklet socks for lacy thigh-highs just before a race, but its all in the spirit of good fun.

    Next is the odd-sock slolum. Starting at the top of a snow drift, the elves settle themselves into their sock and at the starting kazoo, off they go! Whizzing around trees, dodging the random garden gnome who decided to stay and take in the races. The winner is the one who actually makes it to the finish line. Usually the elves get distracted chatting up the gnome, helping an errant squirrel find a where in #@%!& did he hide that nut, or playing with a small child or child-like adult to get them to believe again. In the case of the latter two everyone pelts him or her with snowballs when they are done…they are supposed to be on a day off!

    Finally comes one-footed figure skating. An elf dons a single sock while a group of friends stands at the perimeter of the the skating area (a newly waxed kitchen floor). The ones on the edge give the one wearing a sock a good push and then they glide across the rink, twirling, piroutting and generally hamming it up for the audience. Points are awards for a combination of style and how long they can keep the elf gliding along the floor. You see them glide along to classics like “Flight of the Bumblebee”, “Dance of the Hours” or the “Sugar Plum Fairy” theme from the Nutcracker but they’ve been known to throw in some more modern music if it mentions sweets (“I Want Candy”) jobs (“Working 9 to 5”) dreams (“10,000 Fireflies”) or nonsense lyrics. The Black Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga are popular choices for those looking for nonsense.

    The day finally sets on the Odd Sock Olympics. So remember if you find some socks scattered around your kitchen, or perhaps a damp sock or two on the porch outside, your home may have been host to this glorious event. And if you find a random fishnet caught in a tree which no one can explain, it is almost certain.

  10. andi says:

    According to my 3 year old:
    Elves only get time off when Santa is sleeping from staying up so late delivering presents. They enjoy playing reindeer games with Rudolph and Frosty, and playing with the toys that they make. They also invite all the faeries and dance a lot. And apparently, the storks watch the elves and faeries and bring baby elves and faeries to the best dancers in the spring.

  11. Liz Anderson says:

    What Elves do on their day off…make sure no human beings find their private masturbation techniques or the entire world would come to a standstill, leaving no time for an actual day off. After all, dear reader, it is a day off not a day to get off. However, the energy produced and focused by a day to get off would and could be a phenominal boost to the present vibratory status of the inhabitants of this godfersaken dimension.

    Now, for a drink and wink I’ll tell you another lie, I a mean story.

    Forgive me Francesca!

    • francesca says:

      Oh, confettijulie, what have u started? Liz, no forgiveness needed. But if a bunch of creepy icky guys start posting, so that I have 2 spend all day disapproving their posts, I will burn effigies of both of u! Actually, I love both your posts, am laughing, even while blushing. I am laughing softly and privately, so no one can see it, b/c I am such a lady! Serious note: In Sicilian culture, we usually don’t talk as bluntly about this stuff in public as u two. Not out of prudishness, but 2 explore our passion via a quiet focus. It’s our style, no better and no worse than others. It just suits Sicilian blooded me. But I support your posts b/c not all elves are Sicilian. Let’s hear it for diversity in elfdom! Now: Does anyone have a day-off activity that is NOT . . . um . . . you know . . . ? Oh, what the heck, I know folks are gonna run with this sex topic. Go for it! Have lotsa fun!

    • Sirewen says:

      Oh Liz! As my husband says “can we all just moisten up?”

  12. You seem to know so little about how elves spend their days off! This amazes me since i thought it was common knowledge. They lay about quite lazily and them masturbate and then sleep some…then masturbate rather obsessively, sleeping in between, and then masturbate some more right before their kid get’s off the school bus, or whatever it is that brings the compulsive masturbation to an end. This re-charges their batteries!
    It works with humans too!

    • francesca says:

      ConfettiJulie, Um, well, um . . . um . . . I’m new to blog software, but when someone posts the 1st time here, I have 2 approve or reject their comment. After I approved YOUR post, it was the first time the software asked me, “Are u sure? Hey, THIS is what u are approving?” But I know you, and can vouch that u’r not some icky weirdo. U’re a GOOD weirdo. And I KNOW your craftsmanship is of the highest elfin calibre, so you must know what elves do on their day off. And NOW I also know why your craftsmanship is so excellent! And now, I’m going to go blush at having your post on my blog page. 🙂

  13. WOW, nice site, I´m come back soon!. Really like your content. Sorry for my english.

  14. Rommy says:

    It is rather hard on those poor elves since they love being busy and being with others. They probably look puzzled a moment, then go around bugging their fellow elves to come over (not to work mind you, they are supposed to be off duty). Then once they are together they share a joint puzzled look and decide to try a contest. Perhaps it’s a game to see who can make the most interesting frost patterns. And then it changes to who can sneak the most creative message pattern where a human can find it. Because of course that’s the best part of their job, the little magicks they leave around that get humans to smile and maybe believe a little again. Then one elf points out that this is awfully close to work and it’s not like they are on a day off at all. They all laugh, then look puzzled and then the pattern starts again 🙂

    • francesca says:

      Omigod, I love it. Thank you! Except you know me better than I want to be known!!! Eek! I was just telling someone that on days off I sometimes feel lost. And that I start to do a bit of work – – just one little thing, like make a new pair of earrings for my Etsy shop, and it is ok to do on my day off, honest, IT IS, REALLY, HONEST, b/c it is so much fun. But of course it’s like an alcoholic taking the first drink: Before I know it, I’ve worked the whole day, and am exhausted b/c never got a day to rest. Your post is an ohhh-so-imaginative way of saying it!! It helps me laff at myself!

    • francesca says:

      Rommy, u tricky gal u! I just reread your fabulous post, then thought, “Wait a sec! A few days ago, Rommy and I were part of an elist chat about me giving stealth lessons!” Oh u rascal u! LOVE IT! Y’r giving me one back! (oh, um, or is this all a coincidence?)

    • francesca says:

      Y’all, I’ve decided that Rommy’s stolen my thunder as the sneakiest teacher ever! Her beautifully-crafted, humorous contest entry/story about a group of elves “just happens to” o-so-sneakily track my elven workaholism, right down to my having this contest. Best of all, we just spoke, and the whole thing was subconscious on her part! She’s so sneaky that she didn’t know she was doing it. She said it was stream of consciousness. Her stream is obviously tuned deeply into THE stream; keep on writing, Rommy, you’re brilliant! Sigh, I SOOO liked my title as “The Sneakiest Teacher Ever.” This is fun! And we’re just getting started. I hope anyone reading this will enter. Add YOUR two cents!

  15. This is awesome! I love all your beautiful upcycled Yule ornaments and decorations – making them is such an act beauty. You already know what I do, as my elf-self on my day off, and I already own both things that you are giving away as prizes, but I thought I would share and get the ball rolling: My elf-self likes to go showshoeing and find reindeer (aka whitetails) tracks, and leave them treats – like carrots. I also like to bake cookies and send them to those in need of holiday cheer. Blessed Yule to you and yours!

    • francesca says:

      THanks so much for starting things, o brave YOU! I had kinda thought you owned two of the prizes already, but you don’t own the other two: There are four total and, if you win, I’ll think of something special 2 replace the things u already have!

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