So here’s the thing. I’m one of those people for whom the alternative movement just isn’t alternative enough. The people who study with me or whom I counsel tend to be like me – – the lunatic fringe of the alternative movement. The same goes for my close friends. All these folks are the most wonderful, crazy, and wild folks I could imagine.

However, there are people who haven’t been lucky enough to find like-minded lunatics, and they feel isolated. Or perhaps someone wants to join our lunacy, but doesn’t care to study with me. What’s more, I personally, deeply need a global community of mad mystics. So, not only for myself, but also as middle management for chaos gods, I started Faerie Nation, a global village for faeries, mystics, poets, clowns, spiritual outlaws, and anyone else who wants in. Go here for more info. As to the banner below, all the beings in it are paintings I made, which I put in the banner to represent the wide range of Faerie Nation members. But a whole gallery of paintings could not represent our diversity, I am blessed to be in such a tribe.