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  1. Mary Louise Wooldridge says:

    Francesca, accidentally deleted my comment…. oops. Was wondering if I could purchase the two volumes printed from you. The art you create and words would mean so much more to me if I could read it relaxed with Tavish and Feylinn and keep it rather than on a computer. I understand that I can print it myself but the quality would not be the same as it would be from you. It’s special so having it printed would mean so much rather than a download from my computer. If not, I totally understand because that’s not how you’re selling it. But I thought I would ask. Many blessings, Mary Louise

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Hi, Mary. Thank you for your query and kind words.

      Sorry. My printer does not work well enough anymore. It does not even print always.

      A friend printed the book for herself and didn’t do a great job but she was happy with it anyway. She thought the pictures are pretty even in a bad print.

      Another friend had one of her pals print her a copy.

      I hope this is helpful. ❤️

  2. Mary Louise Wooldridge says:

    I would very much like to schedule a shamanic treatment but due to my impending birthday of turning 65 and having to sign up for Medicare, I can’t afford it.. Hopefully, in the following months I will be able to. I’ve recently had back surgery and am in a great deal of pain. I am undergoing aquatic PT which seems to be helping in addition to oxycodone. I’m single and my loves are my two cats, Tavish and Feylinn. I’m going to conquer this pain so I can have my life back and get out of this depression and financial bind I’m in. It’s difficult since I’m on my own. Tavish talks with the faeries constantly. Feylinn, not so much. I talk with Tav and Fey all the time through Patty Summers at PS Animal Communications. In the meantime before we can speak, I will read your books and spend some time that way. I love your expressive art. The colors are magnificent.

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Hi, i’m so sorry to hear about your pain and other problems. My newsletter will be announcing a group shamanic treatment (direct spiritual transmission) soon. Then, contact me about a scholarship for that event.

      Thank you for your kind compliments and please say hi to Tavish and Feylinn for me

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