My Other Site

Click here to check out my Wiccan site. It has rituals, articles, and more. That’s also where to get info on my classes and books that are specifically Wiccan or shamanic – – as opposed to my classes and books about every other thing in the world. However, I’m misspeaking somewhat when I say that.

For one thing, I’m kind of a one-woman interfaith community. What’s more, all my beliefs weave together – – call me “uber-holistic girl” – – in everything I do. So the site you’re presently on, as well as my books etc. that aren’t officially pagan, are very much for lovers of the earth as well as for wild-hearted pagans. However, by the latter – – here’s where it gets a bit tricky – – I mean mystics and/or people who believe life should be lived fully; and they’re from all religious faiths, or might be folks who are perfectly happy without any formal path. I mean, note I said “pagan” – – lowercase “p” as opposed to organized religion style “Neo-Pagans,” uppercase P. (In fact, neither site is into organized religion, with all the dogma that invalidates sincere, free-thinking seekers. Good Goddess, no! I don’t even want to support Wiccan dogma.)

It’s simply that, while this site you’re on is about anything under the sun, and the integration of all those gems – – uber-holistic girl, remember – – the Wiccan site is specifically focused. I hope you check it out. It’s my baby. I put it up in the mid-nineties, and it’s been such a great adventure that, after ten years plus, it motivated me to put up this anything-under-the-sun site you’re on.