CoverFinalFaerie Ritual Set:
For Spells, Divination, Soul Journeying, and More

Self-paced and self-led Faerie ritual training, with required magical artifacts.


Imagine walking in the forest. The sky suddenly brightens. It feels like … magic. You sense a portal has opened. An adventure is beginning.

You notice, up ahead, a proud tree. Under it, something glows. You approach. You pick up the shining object.

It is a small bundle … a packet of mystical pictures … not laminated like tarot or playing cards. These clearly aren’t for shuffling or careless handling … no, these are treasure! Magical gems. All of them are quality fine art prints.

With them is a Book of Shadows—beautiful, talismanic, evocative.


The Faerie Ritual Set consists of
* 16 original fine art prints
* a shamanic training program, in a lovely ornamented digital file.

Each art print is a fey-touched talisman you can use as a magical tool. The training manual explains how. It is a Book of Shadows with lessons specially for the Faerie Ritual Set. For:
* Divination
* Contemplation
* Divine Guidance
* Spiritual journeying
* Spellcasting
* Talismans
* Affirmations
* YearWheel work, both Sabbats and the four seasons
* Esoteric exploration

Total cost for sixteen spiritual artifacts and digital Book of Shadows: $260.

Buy now and receive a hand-made portfolio to protect prints between uses.


The Fine Art Prints

This talismanic art evokes your own personal wisdoms and interpretations, while nurturing an inner power journey that is specifically yours.

I bless each set. To ensure quality images, I also personally print the art prints. Printing every batch is time-intensive. This is an act of love.

To respect your spiritual journey, prints are 5 x 7” (printed area is 6 x 4.5”) instead of the smaller tarot cards size. This provides large clear images you can really connect with and explore.

Prints arrive with documentation certifying your set as part of a limited first edition of 500 sets.

The following thumbnails of the sixteen art prints can’t do justice to their complex beauty and crisp detail but do convey a bit of their rich mystery, thematic depth, and unique magic.


Your art prints will not have my URL plastered all over them, LOL.


The Set’s Book of Shadows

The Book of Shadows (aka training manual) is a PDF file sent you via email.

This in-depth metaphysical, spiritual, and magical exploration of sixteen multifaceted ritual tools and their uses is packed into 14,500 words—69 pages.

The Faerie Ritual Set is easy and simple. The manual’s instruction are clear and concise. You can start doing magic almost instantly.

Quick rites that fit into a busy day.

Beginners and advanced practitioners both thrive in this training.

Lifelong applications, addressing most concerns. Examples: career * creativity * Health of body and spirit * Protection * Romance * Transitions * childbirth * confidence * the Fey Folk * relationship with Divinity *


You Are Special

Lessons don’t limit you to set teachings or set energy patterns. The training nurtures your own magical style.

These teachings are not for everyone. I won’t tailor my work to get more buyers. I write, paint, and teach for those I feel walking shoulder-to-shoulder with me, whether I ever meet them. We don’t have identical journeys, but we are kindred spirits.

In your specialness, you’ll discover layer after layer of the Faerie Ritual Set.


Created with Care and Imbued with Blessings

The Book of Shadows is talismanic art unto itself, every page ornamented, all my original designs: To make a beautiful, enchanted reading experience for you, I painted page ornanmentations. I also added elements of the sixteen original paintings for additional ornamental magic. In fastidious attention to mystical aesthetics, every page was laid out individually by moi. From my Fey heart to yours.

Examples of graphics:
* This post’s opening picture is the first page of the manual.
* See the following two pictures.



An extraordinary package deal:

* Own sixteen fine art prints that are fey-touched and printed on the stunning ultra-quality glossy paper I’ve used for my other limited edition art prints.

* Learn a magical system that took immense expertise to develop, construct a training for, and write up.

* Immerse yourself in beauty, with a digital instructional document painstakingly ornamented with its author original art that embellishes your mystical reading journey!

* Invest in a limited first edition set.

* Buy now to receive gift: an elegant hand-made folder that protects prints between uses.


For Clarity

1) If you’re unclear about my limited editions: Each print in the set is also available individually ($38 per) as a limited first edition 9.5 x 7″ whereas the Faerie Ritual Set is a limited first edition set comprised of sixteen 5 x 7” prints and their ritual instructions. (Contact me for purchase info about the 9.5 x 7″ individual prints.)

2) This series of sixteen paintings was initially called YearWheel Magic, but the paintings’ uses aren’t limited by season; each piece represents eternal truths, which the manual explores.


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  10. Rebecca says:

    On the same day, my treasure packet of mystical art prints from Francesca’s Faerie Ritual Book of Shadows arrived, my entire life lost its shape, went up into the air, and it has remained there.

    It’s important to say that I do not believe the first event caused the second, which has involved a roof having to be replaced on the house, computer snafus, health challenges, and general chaos. What I do believe is that a Divine synchronicity (which comes as standard with anything Francesca does) made them arrive at the same time. These images didn’t cause the chaos. They gave me a way through it.

    I’ve had little time and less energy to focus on them. I’ve taken Francesca literally at her word, which might be unwise with many teachers, but with her you can do this, absolutely, no questions, no worries. She says that nothing of effort is required for this training. She’s right. It works under its own power, in ways totally mysterious and completely real.

    And since I began simply sitting with them in my hands and under my gaze…..the first stage of the roof work is complete and we’re relieved of water streaming through the ceiling, a way around the computer trouble presented itself, I spontaneously changed my diet and am quieter now in both body and spirit, and while pretty much everything is still in flux and flow, it’s turned into creative flow, and I have a good balance in it.

    Here’s the thing. These beautiful, beautiful paintings Francesca has made available for the training are not simply images of magical doorways. They ARE magical doorways. And with intention only, we walk through, and things change, often in gobsmacking ways, but always with grace.

    I can’t wait to go further. Since it’s Francesca, it can only get better. Really!

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Rebecca, first of all, I am sorry to hear you hit such difficult challenges in your life. The joy I feel when you say the Faerie Ritual Set helped you through it is immeasurable.

      But if you hit more blocks, do let me know if there is anything else I can do.

      Thank you for so many kind words about the set. You are always generous with praise. GENEROUS!

      You always see to the heart of my work, which makes yr feedback valuable, bc you can really express to others what they can gain from my work. It is so helpful, thank you thank you!

      Plus, yr stunning wordsmithing allows you to speak the heart of mystical truths, whether about my work or something else!!

      Also, thank you for affirming the ease of the training, I actually needed you to say it as a reminder to myself, LOL. Isn’t it true that we teach what we need to learn!? So often, one of my students or readers will say my own words back to me right when I need them. Here is the thing: I am in the middle of a delicious but hugely challenging magical project, and trying to tell myself I can accomplish it without overworking and to take it easy, and I needed you to affirm it, LOL.

      Bless you, my fellow seeker. ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Melissa says:

    The prints are gorgeous, but there’s something else there– they reveal themselves in layers, the magic unfolding bit by bit as you work with them, and I’m still just at the beginning. I was really surprised at how potent they’ve been on my altar and for meditation. It’s like they almost speak to you– like they’re channeling, is the best way to describe my experience with them. The Book of Shadows is also gorgeous (I LOVE the eclecticism, like a series of hidden references to various historical eras and events, myths, magic, and legends) but above that, there’s enormous value in the writing. Francesca’s many years of experience and study, as well as an exceptional talent for intuitive guidance and teaching, shine through every page. I’m so glad I have my set, and I look forward to its future mysteries and surprises!

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Melissa, thank you, thank you! Such support from you! And it is awesome when someone really understands what I am doing, for example, the eclectic style of the BoS. I wanted it to visually imply that it was written bit by bit over centuries bc, fact is, it is informed by what I learned in my past lives. I cannot wait to be told how the set unfolds for you over time. Thank you again!!!!

  12. Candace says:

    This set is beyond beautiful. The minute I opened it I knew I was holding something magickal. I anticipated that the cards would be lovely, I did not expect that the Book of Shadows would also be a work of art in itself, but it is. I printed it in color and the art was so exquisite that I couldn’t bear to bind them in any way that would mar the pages so I put them all in sheet protectors!

    I have been working with Francesca for more than 10 years and this set is by far the most amazing item I have ever purchased from her. Just like her classes, it is not just informational, it is transformational.

    I am really looking forward to spending some intensive time with these cards and the lessons in the BoS. Thank you, Francesca!

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Thank you, Candace, for your support.

      Yeah, the set blows me away when I use it, even though I channeled it myself, LOL. Something big is happening with it. The Divine filled it with old fashioned magic and other blessings, far more than I realized when channeling it all.

      I feel blessed that someone as savvy as you sees the bigness.

      As you know, the Book of Shadows was designed to be used as a digital manual. But I knew some people would prefer to print a copy to read instead of reading it on their computer. What I did not expect was being given the honor of someone going to all the effort of putting all those pages in protective sleeves to protect their artwork. I spent hours upon hours painting the pages’ ornamentation. It feels wonderful to have that recognized aka protected with sleeves. You make me feel good. Thank you again!

  13. Kathleen Marshall says:

    The Book of Shadows is just beautiful. I love it! Every page is art in itself, and thoughtfully composed. The intentional eclecticism of the graphic styles on the pages all work together, because ultimately it is all Francesca’s style. The detail is just beautiful, very intricate. I didn’t see any blurring of detail, either. Francesca is an amazing teacher and the book’s lessons alone are worth the price. About the other parts of the set: I put some of the prints on my altar already and they’re absolutely gorgeous!

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Kathleen, thank you!!!!

      To anyone else reading this: I asked Kathleen for feedback on the book’s ornamentations, before i finalized the project, because she is the most gifted fantasy artist I’ve met, and I respect her opinion and integrity.

      She wrote back that she wished she could give an artistic critique, but could not provide useful criticism, because the book’s just beautiful. She loved it and saw no problems in the art.

      Kathleen, I’d think anyone else’s wholehearted lack of criticism was co-dependency. But you’re honest when you do not like a piece of my art. Your integrity has been invaluable.

      You’ve been so supportive of this whole project, you are beauty in my life, my fellow seeker. Love you.

      Full disclosure: Kathleen and I are sister artists—we’ve supported each other’s work for decades.

  14. Dena says:

    I just purchased this kit. Thank you. I was in “need to conserve $” mode and yet was guided specifically to stretch out and BUY THIS NOW>

    Playing in the fields of consciousness where abundance multiplies effortlessly, I claim that in spending this money on you, some great magical and material doors open.


    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      So mote it be! Great spell, Dena! It rocks! And thank you so much for purchasing the set, my dear! (So much enthusiastic joy on my part, almost all my sentences to you have explanation points, lol. But it is sincere.) Love you, Francesca

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