Heart-Based Promotional Copy

Four Tips for Writing Sincere Copy—Because Love Creates Sales

I get excited about helping artists, healers, and other world-changers market their heart-based services and goods. Supporting these fellow seekers of mine to sell well feels like such an important way to serve. Here are four tips for writing honest copy, from the heart.

1) In some ways, promotional copy is simply saying, about a product or service you believe in, “I have something to give you that I believe will add value to your day,” and then spelling out what that value is. In other words, you’re telling folks you want to serve them! Marketing can be heart-based.

EglThumbnail2) Write your copy from the heart. If you are promoting your art, spiritual classes, counseling, healing work, or anything else that comes from the heart, then promoting is about making heart connection. Why? Because the people who are the right buyers for you will feel that heart connection. If people do not feel it with you, they’re not going to want heart-based services or products from you. They may purchase auto parts from you, but they’re less likely to buy your art. I’m not saying they never will; it’s a matter of likelihood.

3) Risk. Write from the deep place inside you. Put yourself out there 100%, and the right clients for you will resonate with it. I want clients and students with whom I have an authentic connection because the work I do spiritually with them can’t be done one-size-fits-all, it has to be done in a very heart-to-heart way. So the people who feel a connection with the copy I write might decide to work with me. Everyone else will find what and who is right for them.

4) Write in the spirit of service. In some ways, you have to selflessly forget what you want to express, and instead focus on the needs of potential customers. Your promotional copy should be about what they’re gonna get from you. This is all about giving, folks. If you write in that spirit of service, then your copy is from the heart.

Do it, now, support yourself by marketing from the heart. Pax.

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